Our mission

Our mission is to commercialise in-house developed technical SCM solutions by

partnering with established cement producers and other stakeholders.

Our vision

CemGreen’s vision is to become the leading knowledge provider to cement and concrete manufacturers for the utilisation of clay deposits. We will deliver essential specifications on how to produce and optimise process parameters and, if necessary, deliver equipment by partnering with global manufactures. This will improve rentability of cement production whilst lowering the environmental impact.

Our story

Lasse Nørbye Døssing is the founder of the company based on the research done during his University development project with the global cement equipment producer FLSmidth and the University of Copenhagen. Realising the vast market potential and growing demand for alternative SCMs, CemGreen was formed in 2016. Martin Hagsted Rasmussen and Stefan Larsen subsequently entered CemGreen to strengthen our engineering capabilities and increase our network to the cement industry.

We are now headquartered in Roskilde close to Copenhagen, Denmark, which allows for easy collaboration with the Copenhagen universities.

Meet our team

CEO and founder
Lasse Nørbye Døssing

Lasse holds a PhD in geology from the University of Copenhagen. He is an expert in supplementary cementitious materials and Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership – CEL™ and has worked together with FLSmidth – a world leading equipment supplier for the cement industry.

CTO and co-owner
Martin Hagsted Rasmussen

Martin is chemical engineer with a PhD and +10 years of experience at FLSmidth leading R&D projects.

CCO and co-owner
Stefan Larsen

Stefan is our sales and marketing specialist with extensive experience in commercial management, B2B sales and project management of large-scale projects.

Administrative Support
Lasse Romer Olsen

Lasse has a Masters in Comparative Literature from the University of Copenhagen. Lasse is responsible for grant reporting, marketing, project dissemination and public outreach in combination with general administrative support.

R&D Technician
Henrik Konradsen

Henrik is a blacksmith with more than 25 years of industry experience from FLSmidth A/S, developing and building innovative industry equipment. Henrik is responsible for building and erecting prototypes.