High Performance SCM Solutions

- for the cement and concrete industry.

Calcined Clay Upgrading

Using clay as a pozzolan is well known, however, due to the large variability in the raw material, the compressive strength fluctuates from batch to batch. We have developed a technique to not only reduced these performance fluctuations, but at the same time increased the compressive strength by 10-15% for low grade clays containing large parts of smectite and chlorite.

High Strength Shale SCM

We have improved the process of producing calcined shale for use as a supplementary cementitious material. By using cutting edge research and our extensive knowledge of mineralogy and clay chemistry, we have succeeded in increasing the strength of the finished calcined shale product. At the same time we have reduced the discoloration that usually occurs when calcining shale.

Treatment of Marine Sediments

Sediments containing clay minerals are abundant in harbours, river deltas and in coastal areas. These areas are usually regularly dredged in order to achieve the desired depths needed by the marine traffic. These excavated sediments are usually just dumped in another place, but can instead be dried and upgraded effectively using our clay upgrading process, resulting in a high performance SCM.


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    Investment from IFD

    CemGreen has received investment from Innovation Fund Denmark through the InnoBooster programme, to boost our newly developed shale process.

    Innovation Fund Denmark
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    Collaboration with Biocrete

    CemGreen has started the collaboration with the canadian company Biocrete, leading producer of tailored microrganisms for use as additives in concrete mixtures. The combination of using clay minerals with Biocretes microorganisms is expected to produce rapid and high strength development in concrete.

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    New shale process developed

    By exploiting our knowledge of processing clay minerals, we have developed the PaleShale process. A new process that results in a high strength calcined shale SCM for use in cement products. Increased strength, reduced discoloration and higher quality is obtainable.

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    Climate KIC accelerator participant

    CemGreen has been accepted into the Climate KIC accelerator programme, in recognition of the great environmental impact of CemGreen technologies.

    Climate KIC Nordic