SCM solutions

CemGreen has developed processes for converting clay mineral rich raw material into a valuable Supplementary Cementitious Material (SCM) product. As a result of these developments, CemGreen has established a pilot plant facility, where we are able to establish the required process parameters for obtaining the highest possible quality SCM based on any clay-rich raw material.

Material testing

CemGreen‘s in-house facilities form the basis for testing the cementitious properties of different raw materials and at the same time obtaining informations for the design of a full-scale facility.

Design & Development

CemGreen designs full-scale production plants for any clay-based raw material to make high-performing SCMs. This includes, among others, that CemGreen designs plant layouts based on greenfield solutions or retrofitting of existing equipment on site. We are able to integrate SCM production with existing production facilities in order to minimise CapEx for our customers.

We can do this due to our extensive knowledge of the optimal process parameters. The equipment selection will take place in close cooperation with an established equipment supplier in order to ensure that the most efficient solution is obtained.

Based on the full-scale design, CemGreen is able to provide customers with a detailed plan for the capital investment needed in connection with incorporating clay-based SCM in their product portfolio.