One of our key eexpertise areas is the analysis of raw materials. By studying the available raw materials mineralogical composition, we are able to assist in the design of process lines, in order to achieve the demanded cement product. Wether the customer wants to optimize for compression strength, low emissions, overall cost, durability or any other paramters, we will be able to assist in the optimization of the processes.


CemGreen offers a professional team of different surveying activities to provide quality, accurate, and cost effective land surveying services in order to determine and evaluate the properties of the different raw materials. CemGreen conducts on-site surveying and in-house analysis of the raw materials to prospect and optimize cement process lines to address individual customer needs.

Quarry Management

CemGreens can help with on-site quarry management, relating to close inspection and monitoring of all areas of the quarry to ensure that extraction and processing work is carried out to the highest standard. This is achievable due to our long standing expertise within raw materials handling related to the cement industry.