Marine sediments as high strength SCM through upgrading

Marine sediments originates from many places, but around river deltas and in coastal areas, it is common to find high quantities of clay minerals, being washed out from rivers due to a process called weathering.

Along shipping routes, in harbours or in order to construct coastal defences, huge dredging operations are taking place in order to excavate and remove parts of the seabed. This material is usually just transported off site and dumped, away from shipping routes, or it is used for land reclamations (artificial island, harbour extensions, etc.). It is also possible to pump the excavated sediemnts on land, and use it as landfill.

However, for the excavated material that contains a lot of clay minerals, its use as SCM in concrete is of much higher value. CemGreen have therefore started to apply our clay upgrading process to marine clay-rich sediments, and have obtained promising results.